Instagram Reels 101:
The Masterclass

Instagram Reels 101:The Masterclass

Instagram is PAYING us for views on our reels!!!You spend a lot of time watching other people's reels yet you still aren't creating them for yourself! You see your friends and people you know going viral using reels but you are still doubting your creativity and reel creating skills. That ends today. I'm giving you all the keys you need to confidently create viral reels that are sure to grow your brand/bizz on Instagram and get you PAID by Instagram.

it's time friend...



I noticed a trend, studied the trend and hopped on it! I began creating and posting reels each week using a simple formula that eventually STUCK. 

Growing 20K followers on Instagram not only expanded my community on Instagram but that growth put money in my pockets. More people began finding my page, my website and my services. I realized that people loved my content but they just weren't seeing my content until I invested my time and efforts into creating reels...

teach me!

Yup that's right 20k followers in 8 weeks...

I got serious about the growth of my business and brand, I committed and saw an instant return on my investment.  I Grew 20K Followers in 8 Weeks using Instagram Reels!

Why People are Raving

If you have yet to experience a viral reel, chances are you have not yet unlocked the power of your own creativity, wit and knowledge. 

I have coached a number of students to explode their growth with reels and each of my students has had a "viral for me" reel which means they had a reel that preformed better than any other piece of content they had ever posted on Instagram. This means they reached more people with their reel than the amount of followers they have.

My students' reels have converted viewers into followers and then into paying customers! It's time to start using reels to get booked, sell your products/services and grow your influence. Are you ready?


HEre's what we'll cover inside the masterclass:

My step-by-step framework for a viral reel

How to confidently niche your reel content

How to maintain a cohesive aesthetic while posting reels

Instagram Reel video editing basics

The "Grow Your Following Overnight" Formula

Uncovering what has been keeping you from
 going viral

Best apps/ resources for creating viral
Instagram Reels

Viral Reel Formula

this could be you

These are only a few of the many testimonies from my students who have implemented my strategies and applied them to their brands and businesses on Instagram. Instagram growth can be life-changing if you put in the work. Let me show you how.

I'm IN!



"I went from 950 to 2,050 followers in just one short month"

Jordynn helped me grow my following from 950 to 2,050 followers in just one short month. She gave me a content calendar that was easy to follow, curated my bio, gave me new highlight covers and gave my page a whole new aesthetic. She helped me with my speaking anxiety and with Jordynn’s help I am now much more vocal on Instagram. I now have 9,431 followers and I am still growing!


 "In the first month, I not only doubled my Instagram followers but I also doubled my clients."

I  was clueless as to how Instagram worked when I first started my online fitness business. Jordynn  totally rebranded my Instagram account and it looks amazing. I have so many people reaching out to me now. In fact within my first month working with Jordynn, I not only doubled my Instagram followers but I also doubled my clients.

That was amazing to me because I have had an Instagram account for a long time and my following and client numbers have always stayed the same. I don’t know where I would be with out her!  

This could be you....


"I was nervous to post videos of myself on social media but after working with Jordynn, that all changed."

For the longest time I was nervous to post videos of myself on social media but working after with Jordynn, that all changed. She taught me that Instagram is more than just pretty pictures. It’s connecting with people in a meaningful way and sharing bits and pieces of my life with them to connect more.

I gained over 200 followers the first month working with Jordynn and would recommend her to anyone trying to grow on social media in any way.

Wow Jordynn, so I cannot believe we haven't even completely finished our rebrand yet and the coaching and strategy you gave me on the first call about building followers authentically and naturally has already started to happen. I've gone from about 900 followers to close to 1100 followers in less than 3 weeks. Cray! 

To some that may not seem like a huge jump but in less than 3 weeks that's a big deal. My goal is to be my authentic self and build awareness to my brand in an honest and genuine way, so I truly appreciate your guidance and support on making this happen. I'm so excited about what's to come. Appreciate you more than you know. 

"I've gone from about 900 followers to almost 1,100 followers in less than 3  weeks. Cray!"


It's your turn to say, " OMG my reel went viral!"

My turn!