Let's do that                     you've always wanted to do.

Let's do that            you've always wanted to do.


I'm here to help you silence the voice of fear that has been telling you it's just too hard and you can't do it. The truth is YOU CAN. Your business, your brand...it's about to take off. Ready to claim it?!


INstagram strategy

I help give you the strategy you have been lacking to show up on Instagram for your online community, build your credibility and grow your following.


I build beautiful and intentional brands to help attract eyes to your Instagram page and convert followers into paying customers.

influencer COACHING

I speak the truth. I'll tell you like it is without sugar coating things. Together we will map out a plan to grow your confidence, your influence and your bank account.

Instagram Makeovers

Your Instagram page just isn't attracting the right eye balls if any at all. Content is KING and if you aren't posting high quality and on-brand content with a strategy, chances are you are not growing your following as fast as you would like and in turn, your bank account is stagnant. Girl, it's time to rebrand and make things look nice and cohesive.



My coaching calls typically leave my new friends motivated and encouraged, with happy tears streaming down their faces and big tangible goals for the future.

This is not your average Instagram strategy and brand coaching call. This call will stretch you and encourage you to dig deep, face your fears and  be held accountable for reaching your goals.



Finally feel confident showing up on Instagram...

A well-branded Instagram page that you love...

Attract ideal customers to your page

Walk in purpose with clear boundaries while making a profit



"I went from 950 to 2,050 followers in just one short month"

Jordynn helped me grow my following from 950 to 2,050 followers in just one short month. She gave me a content calendar that was easy to follow, curated my bio, gave me new highlight covers and gave my page a whole new aesthetic. She helped me with my speaking anxiety and with Jordynn’s help I am now much more vocal on Instagram. I now have 9,431 followers and I am still growing!


 "In the first month, I not only doubled my Instagram followers but I also doubled my clients."

I  was clueless as to how Instagram worked when I first started my online fitness business. Jordynn  totally rebranded my Instagram account and it looks amazing. I have so many people reaching out to me now. In fact within my first month working with Jordynn, I not only doubled my Instagram followers but I also doubled my clients.

That was amazing to me because I have had an Instagram account for a long time and my following and client numbers have always stayed the same. I don’t know where I would be with out her!  

This could be you....


"I was nervous to post videos of myself on social media but after working with Jordynn, that all changed."

For the longest time I was nervous to post videos of myself on social media but working after with Jordynn, that all changed. She taught me that Instagram is more than just pretty pictures. It’s connecting with people in a meaningful way and sharing bits and pieces of my life with them to connect more.

I gained over 200 followers the first month working with Jordynn and would recommend her to anyone trying to grow on social media in any way.

Wow Jordynn, so I cannot believe we haven't even completely finished our rebrand yet and the coaching and strategy you gave me on the first call about building followers authentically and naturally has already started to happen. I've gone from about 900 followers to close to 1100 followers in less than 3 weeks. Cray! 

To some that may not seem like a huge jump but in less than 3 weeks that's a big deal. My goal is to be my authentic self and build awareness to my brand in an honest and genuine way, so I truly appreciate your guidance and support on making this happen. I'm so excited about what's to come. Appreciate you more than you know. 

"I've gone from about 900 followers to almost 1,100 followers in less than 3  weeks. Cray!"


but first

I'm passionate about helping you build your brand, grow your Instagram and impact others. There is so much opportunity waiting for you on the other side of fear, on the other side of your insecurities,  inconsistency and lack of strategy. I'm here to help you get to that other side.

let's work together